Premium Virgin Quality Clear and Color Cast Acrylic Sheet

Premium Virgin Quality Clear and Color Cast Acrylic Sheet


Premium Plastic produce 100% virgin quality cast acrylic sheet by the famous raw materials: Lucite, Mitsubishi, JPC MMA only.

Refused to add any recycled materials in production. No Recycle, Only Virgin.

12661950_1572936796362853_5599776341584582554_n_副本.jpgPremium virgin acrylic panels has excellent anti-ultraviolet function, at least 5 years no yellowen. no faden; but recycle acrylic is very easily yellowing, fading and cracking.

Premium acrylic plate has good weather resistant, excellent anti-coalescence and chemical properties.

Virgin acrylic sheets light transmittance> 93%. transparent on the sectiontam%20mica%20chong%20tinh%20dien_副本.jpg

Acrylic Sheet catalog following, welcome customers download to confirm the color design in catalog following

Cast Acrylic Sheet Catalog.pdf


Premium Cast Acrylic Sheet exported to Europe: UK, South America: Brazil, Asia, etc


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