Premium Clear Acrylic Sheet and Color Acrylic Sheet


Premium Clear Acrylic Sheet and Color Acrylic Sheet

According to the transmittance, acrylic sheet can be divided into transparent acrylic sheet, semi-transparent acrylic sheet and opaque acrylic sheet.

Transparent acrylic sheet, also named clear perspex acrylic sheet, clear plexiglass sheet.

Light transmittance: 93%-98%

Semi-transparent acrylic sheet, translucent acrylic sheet, include color transparent acrylic sheet.

color acrylic sheet

Opaque acrylic sheet: means the light can NOT pass at all, for example black color number 502. widely used in light box back panel.

clear acrylic sheet

Frosted acrylic sheet is one kind of acrylic sheet according to the transmittance.

Frosted acrylic sheet can protect personal privacy very well.

transparent acrylic sheet

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