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Heat insulation refers to the heat transfer process in summer, which is usually considered as a 24-hour cycle of periodic heat transfer. Thermal insulation performance is usually calculated under outdoor temperature conditions in summer.

The nature of capital is profit - seeking. Because the market of energy-saving thermal insulation building materials is in the development stage, and is being implemented compulsively, shenzhen bubble box has a higher level of profit, more and more people will produce and sell energy-saving thermal insulation building materials, and the competition will become increasingly fierce. Accordingly, open store of energy-saving heat preservation building materials product needs to notice the following: choose good port. Should choose the place with convenient transportation to set up shop, in order to facilitate the purchase; Focus on quality. Don't be cheap and ignore quality; Join the brand chain. Can choose its good and from it, to receive twice the result with half the effort, to achieve better results. Foam plate refers to expanded polyphenylene. But his molding method is significantly different from extruded plate. Foam plate is the foaming agent pre-mixed foam plate and then granulation. Foam particles made containing foaming agent, when the right amount of foam containing foaming agent into a predetermined mold for heating, foam cutting foam box manufacturers, the foaming agent in these particles will be hot foam, finally formed.

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