Light Gray Solid PVC Rigid Sheet Produce and Delivery


 Light Gray Solid PVC Rigid Sheet Produce and Delivery

Premium Plastic produce extruded gray pvc rigid sheet, solid pvc rigid board, used for engineering plastic, chemical industry,etc

Premium pvc rigid sheet has good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, anti-ultraviolet (anti-aging), fire-retardant (with self-extinguishing), reliable insulation,  non-absorbency,no deformation , easy processing and easy welding by pvc rods.

Premium rigid pvc sheet is excellent thermoforming material, widely used in chemical industry, oil, electroplating, water purification equipment, environmental protection equipment, mining, medicine, electronics, communications,etc

Brand: Premium Plastic

Color: gray, white, black, blue, etc


Width:1300mm 1500 mm

Length: produce according to customer’s needs.

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