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Jinan Premium Plastic Co.,Ltd is the production of foam packaging, manufacturing, and processing factories, to undertake a variety of foam molding without mold, the section of the design of the packaging, can also according to customer requirements design and manufacture all kinds of bubble without mold, etc., has a complete and scientific quality management system, is a professional production, research and sales packaging materials for the integration of enterprises, from raw material to the finished product one-stop production effectively reduce costs, products with superior quality is beneficial to the new and old customers, low price and perfect after-sale service has won the general customers the trust and praise. Welcome business friends call or visit our factory to negotiate!

Foamed plastic is a kind of polymer material formed by a large number of gas micropores dispersed in solid plastic, shockproof foam sheet price, with light, heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption and other characteristics, sea beads shockproof foam sheet, and dielectric properties better than matrix resin, is widely used. Almost all kinds of plastic can be made into foam plastic, foam molding has become an important field in plastic processing. Foam testing, foam testing and other testing services, find professional institutions, to the scientific standard chemical testing institute co., LTD., with an authoritative qualification certification, issued an authoritative testing report!

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